Warsaw is one of the largest cities in Eastern Europe. The capital of Poland has a very rich but tragic history. Moreover, the city is very interesting and has many wonderful places. What to visit when visiting Warsaw?

A tragic story

Warsaw was 95% destroyed during World War II by Nazi Germany. During the occupation, Poles living in the capital had a very hard life, because they were oppressed at every step. On August 1, 1943, the Warsaw Uprising took place, which, despite the fact that it was lost, allowed for the incarnation of new hope in the hearts of the fighting Poles. This date is particularly important for the city, and each year the Warsaw Insurgents who fought for independence are commemorated.

What to see in Warsaw?

Currently, Warsaw is a very modern city where you can find literally everything. There are many interesting sights here that refer to the past, but also give the city a modern style. One of such places is the Warsaw Vodka Museum. It is a place of particular interest to foreign tourists, as there they can learn about the history of one of Poland’s symbols – vodka.

Apart from the Vodka Museum, several famous Warsaw places are worth visiting. One of them is Łazienki Królewskie, i.e. the palace complex, which in the past was used by princes mainly for entertainment purposes. Nowadays, it is a very picturesque and beautiful place that is definitely worth visiting.

While in Warsaw, one cannot forget about the royal castle, which in the past was the seat of Polish rulers. Currently, it is one of the most important monuments of Warsaw, so when you are there, it is impossible to forget about it!

Warsaw is an extremely interesting place. There are many interesting places to be found, and time can be spent in many different ways. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, so it’s worth visiting. Places such as Vodka Museum in Warsaw or the Royal Castle are only a part of the places worth seeing. Do not forget about Warsaw Uprising Museum or Old Town as well!