Kazimierz was once an independent city on the island, separated from Krakow by the now non-existent arm of the Vistula. It was here that the Jewish population settled, and actually here it was resettled from the city center and the place where Jewish and Christian culture merged and coexisted.

The most popular district of Krakow – jewish quarter Krakow

Today Krakow’s Kazimierz is one of the city’s major tourist attractions, eagerly visited by both guests from abroad and from other parts of Poland.

Neglected townhouses, uninteresting company, abandoned, neglected corners. This is how Krakow Kazimierz was associated even in the 90s. Today, similarly to the rest, such as the Roman Trastevere or Prague Josefov, the district is experiencing a kind of renaissance and got a second chance. Nightlife is concentrated here, there are plenty of trendy pubs, restaurants, galleries, and world-famous festivals are organized, such as the Jewish Culture Festival on Szeroka Street and other cultural events.

jewish quarter krakow

Kazimierz also has monuments, mainly those related to the Jewish population, such as synagogues. The oldest synagogue, as the name suggests, is the Old Synagogue from the 15th century, today there is a branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków with Judaic collections. Noteworthy are also Jewish cemeteries and the former ritual bathhouse located at Szeroka Street, the Great Mykwa, today thoroughly restored. In addition, following the tourist trail leading through Jewish monuments, we come across the Tempel Synagogue, Kupa Synagogue, at which we will also see the remains of the defensive walls of Kazimierz and the New Jewish Cemetery.

Kazimierz is also narrow, atmospheric streets, nicely decorated squares, where in the summer evenings a lot of people sit in restaurant gardens, listening to nostalgic Jewish music, tables and shops. It is worth visiting this popular jewish quarter in Krakow.