Visit in polish capital can be extraordinary experience. Many things to do and places to see makes it really hard to decide, which locations should you check out now, and which will have to wait for the next trip. Warsaw Vodka Museum is definitely in the first category. Why?

Unusual exhibitions of vodka making

Have you ever wondered, how was this alcohol made centuries ago? As vodka is polish traditional bevarage, the technique of brewing it evaluated over the years. If you would like to see with your own eyes, how it was made aroung six hundred years ago, check out the museum.

Fans of vodka will also be happy to hear, that there is a chance to try the best polish alcohols during the visit. However, beware that subject of all exhibitions in the museum isn’t appropriate for children – thus, the visitors must be 18 years or older.

What languages are covered?

Many people from around the world visit the museum yearly, so there are trips in both polish and English on a daily basis. If you’d like to see the exhibitions with guide using another language, contact the museum. There is a possibility for a tour in German, Spanish and a couple of other languages, but you need to inform the museum a few days prior.

Also, if you’re visiting with a group of at least eight adult friends, you can make an appointment for an unique, night sightseeing. There are many exhibitions, both traditional and interactive, which will tell you what is used to prepare vodka and how it’s brewed now – and how it was done years ago.