Currently, Warsaw is becoming a very attractive European capital, because we can find many interesting things there. For this reason, every year more and more people come to the Polish capital. Very often these are tourists from abroad, because Warsaw is not only an attractive city, but also relatively cheap. So why should we come to the Polish capital? Why is this place so popular?

Many attractions in Warsaw

We should remember that the capital of Poland has a lot to offer tourists. It is important that everyone in this city, regardless of their preferences, will find something for themselves. We should remember first of all that in Warsaw there are not only many monuments and attractive places. There are also many museums to which we can take even our children.

They are usually very modern places that do not look like typical museums. It is worth visiting the science and technology museum located on the Vistula River. It is a place addressed mainly to children, because there we can learn the basic laws of chemistry and physics on several floors and also deepen your knowledge of biology. Certainly, after visiting such a place, children will be very fascinated by science, as well as they will understand more things. So what else can we visit in this city?

Polish vodka museum in Warsaw – is also very attractive to many people. It is in polish vodka museum Warsaw that we can see many modern exhibitions and animations, and all this is dedicated to the most popular drink in Poland. Many tourists in particular from abroad decide to come to this museum because we can also use the services of a guide who speaks several foreign languages.