Warsaw is the capital of Poland and one of the largest cities in Europe. The city has many interesting attractions that are worth getting to know. For this reason, visiting Warsaw should be the point of every tourist who likes to visit European cities.

Warsaw – a city important for Poles

In the capital of Poland you can find many interesting places. First of all, there is the parliament building and the Presidential Palace. In addition, many national institutions and research centers have their place in Warsaw.

Warsaw attractions

There are many interesting places in the city. People who like to actively explore cities, moving from point-to-point should plan a route. In this way you can see as many places as possible. One of the most interesting places on the city map is definitely the Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw mentioned in this article. From this place you can start exploring the city towards the center.

Next you can find places known to everyone. The Old Town, Royal Castle or Łazienki Park are one of the most popular attractions in Warsaw. However, it is worth visiting the Warsaw Uprising Museum to learn about the fight for the freedom of Poles during World War II.

Not only monuments

Warsaw is not only monuments, however. There are many other ways to spend time actively in the city. People who want to party will find the right place for themselves. People who are looking for strong sensations also have several opportunities for something extreme, and people who like peace can find it on the banks of the Vistula River in Warsaw.