Who doesn’t love a good soak in warm, inviting water, in the privacy of their own house? But for the tourists and curious adventurers, there are also some other kinds of baths they can make use of during a holiday trip. One is a metaphorical one – a Japanese practice of forest bathing for the soul and body, while the other looks like utter bliss in the clouds of warm steam. All of these in Krakow, the city that tempts to try something new!

Heavenly relaxation in thermal baths

There comes a time when everyone longs for the deep, immersive feeling of the whole-body relaxation – even during the holidays. The stresses that people carry with them nowadays unfortunately don’t stay at home, threatening their well-being even in the midst of visiting new, exciting places. https://www.seekrakow.com/en/thermal-pools-in-the-mountains/

Krakow has an ideal answer – a high-class thermal baths Krakow, where hot steam and crystal-clear water will rejuvenate body and mind of every weary tourist. Even the short visit there leads to the luxurious feeling of all the worries floating away, leaving only peace and wellness in place.

Forest bathing in the city? Only in Krakow!

When a person emerges refreshed from the thermal baths Krakow gladly shows them its greener, more natural face. The city has recently gained a bit of uncertain reputation when it comes to the quality of air.

Nonetheless, new regulations in this area are quickly moving the issue out of the danger zone, and the green pathes on the city map are actively helping. Some of these places are much more than a simple city park, being inhabited by the rare and endangered species of reptiles, birds and butterflies. The locations such as Lasek Borkowski or Rezerwat Bonarka will enthrall every Nature lover!