The centuries-old history of Krakow recorded in the archaeological layers of the Market Square has many fascinating themes! The kings and princes who lived here once decided the fate of one of the most powerful countries of medieval Europe, and the merchants successfully conducted their businesses. See how you once lived in Krakow and walk the same land that Copernicus walked!

There are many secrets hidden in the underground of the market. Archaeological research conducted for over 5 years has become the nucleus for creating an object that today surprises with its form and content prepared for visitors. It is a journey in time, both into the past and the future, which is marked by the presentation of historical content based on multimedia-holographic tools. Thanks to the solutions applied, every visitor can feel the atmosphere of 13th-century Krakow on their own skin.

The underground museum krakow is about 500 multimedia projections presented on 37 touch screens and projectors, about 600 3D reconstructions, as well as many films, dummies and mockups. All these attractions tell the history of the city, as well as its relations with Hanseatic League and other cultural centers in contemporary Europe. However, this is not all … The museum’s surface is so extensive that it allowed many interesting reconstructions to be placed, such as a cemetery from the 11th century or a pre-dinner settlement, as well as many finds found underground museum in krakow, such as the Bolesławów Stalls. We don’t want to reveal more, discover the secret of the Krakow’s underground museum now!