It very often happens that, especially in the summer season, Krakow is a city that does not go to sleep. Although it sounds very unbelievable, it is in the former capital of Poland, especially in summer, that a lot of cultural events take place. However, we should not forget that more and more people decide to come to Krakow because they want to see the city themselves at night. So where can we go in this case?

The best Krakow bar crawl

Indeed, Krakow is a very popular city where everyone will find something for themselves. If we like to visit many monuments every day and we want to learn not only the history of this city, but also of Poland, we will certainly find many attractions in this city.

It is also a very good idea to get to know Krakow’s nightlife, especially in the summer season. It is then that we can find a lot of different music clubs, as well as pubs and discos. More and more people spend their free time in this way and thus go to Krakow for events.

Krakow bar crawl

It is a very good idea because it is a student city, where we can find a lot of different attractions. However, we should not forget that when deciding, for example, on a bar crawl in Krakow, or other places, we must remember that when walking at night and visiting these places, we do not always find free lounges there. Therefore, if we want to stay in a pub for longer, it is worth booking a free place earlier, for example few days.