Being new in the town might make one feel quite lonely. Fortunately, in Krakow there are activities, that allows to find friends, no matter how old the person is. Among them, there is a pub crawl Krakow, which is a great opportunity to accomodate in the city.

How does it work?

It’s a trip – usually organized by a third party, during which the attendees are intended to visit multiple pubs in the city. In Krakow, the choice is really spectacular, so no wonder there are multiple organizers for those trips and… usually, they are full!

How much does it cost?

The prices are different depending on the time of the year, pubs that will be visited, organizers and sometimes, also the method which will be used to buy the tickets. Sometimes it might be a good idea to check for the possibility to get it online: this way one can save a few Euros.

Pub crawl Krakow

The trip usually covers the costs of getting a drink in every location, so there is no need to get any more cash (unless one would like to get back home using a cab or any other paid transportation).

Going on a pub crawl Krakow is a great opportunity to meet new people and also spend a night out, which will be refreshing for people, who doesn’t have many friends in Krakow. It’s also a good way of finding new friends – especially considering the fact, that many attendees join the pub crawl for exactly that reason: to make some new friends in the city.