Recently, it happens more and more often that many people travel. This is not surprising, because it is a great way to spend our free time. Thanks to travel, both distant trips and the closer ones, we have the opportunity to learn a completely new culture, and often we can try a different cuisine. However, more and more often it happens that such trips cost a lot. So where is it worth going?

Weekend trips are becoming more and more popular

Definitely trips abroad can cost a lot. Therefore, if we want to start traveling and this is how we want to spend our free time, we should first of all make sure, for example, to visit the closest places of our residence in our home country.

Krakow is a very popular city that has many monuments and is visited very often regardless of the season. This is where we can find a lot of places where we can go alone or with our family. Of course, objects on the main square are very popular, as well as monuments on the Vistula River at the Royal Castle. However, more and more tourists often visit modern museums such as schindler’s factory tour. It was in Schindler factory during World War II that the owner of this factory saved many lives. He employed people of Jewish descent to work, so they could avoid being transported to concentration camps. Currently, there is a museum in this area. This is very important place, which we have to visit, during our trip to Krakow.