Cracow is a very beautiful city, where many tourists come every year. In this city we can find many interesting monuments. However, we should remember that the vicinity of Cracow is also worth seeing. So what one-day trips is worth paying attention to?

auschwitz tourBeing in Cracow and looking for one-day trips, it is worth paying attention to the Auschwitz tour. Such Auschwitz tour are more and more often chosen for tourists, because it is a trip to the place of extermination of humanity that took place during World War II.

Directly from Cracow, we can decide on such Auschwitz tour – , and access to Oświęcim, where there is a former concentration camp, will not take too long. It is worth knowing that during Auschwitz tours we have the opportunity to visit the former concentration camp with a guide. Such a guide often speaks in different foreign languages, so that every tourist will not have problems with understanding.

In addition, Auschwitz tours are not just a guided tour. Tours in Auschwizt is also a tour of the museum located in the building. During such a tour in Auschwitz, we can see pictures of prisoners in the camp, as well as their personal belongings, among others. If we decide to take longer tours in Auschwitz, a documentary will also be screened. The aforementioned tours in Auschwitz is a meeting that everyone should have at least once in their lives to see for themselves what was the destruction of humanity and to pay homage to the murdered people.