Popular capital in Poland

Currently, more and more people are traveling on the weekend. We should remember that, despite appearances, although the weekend is two days off, it may not be enough if we want to visit, for example, the most important monuments in the city. So how can we make an accurate plan? What is worth remembering in […]

The best attraction for kids – Energylandia

Organizing free time for children during the holidays is very difficult. Certainly every parent who has ever tried to encourage their child to play independently knows this. So what to do if child needs entertainment during the summer? How to organize free time? An amusement park is a great option First of all, leisure time […]

The best city in Poland

Warsaw is a very beautiful city, which is chosen by many tourists every year. We can find there many interesting monuments as well as numerous attractions. So why is it worth visiting the capital of Poland? What interesting places can we see there? Warsaw is a very interesting place Noteworthy is certainly the Warsaw Old […]

What is jewish quarter in Krakow?

Kazimierz was once an independent city on the island, separated from Krakow by the now non-existent arm of the Vistula. It was here that the Jewish population settled, and actually here it was resettled from the city center and the place where Jewish and Christian culture merged and coexisted. The most popular district of Krakow […]

The best attraction in Poland

Poland is a very beautiful country where you can find many different monuments. It happens more and more often that many people come to this country also from abroad. So what is worth visiting in Poland? The best attractions in Poland Certainly, being in Poland, it is worth visiting every corner of this country. It […]

How to spend few days in Warsaw?

Poland is a very beautiful country, which is visited by many tourists every year. In the largest cities around the country you can hear really diverse languages ​​of the world. Definitely many people come to Poland on business matters. However, from year to year you can also meet more and more tourists. So why is […]

Interesting places to visit in Warsaw

If you want to spend a few days in an interesting place, it is definitely worth pointing your interest towards Warsaw. It is the largest Polish city, which is also the capital of this country. Warsaw offers many interesting places and monuments. The number of things that you can do and see in Warsaw is […]

Best things to do in Krakow

Forget Prague, Budapest and Wroclaw – Krakow, Poland’s fourth largest city, should be your next city break in eastern Europe. It’s less crowded, quite the looker and great-value to boot. Here are the top things to do during a visit.

The best Cracow city guided tours

Traveling is a very good way to spend our free time. More and more countries are opening up to travelers, thus offering many new attractions. So what cities are worth visiting? If we choose a city that we want to visit, it is worth to find a place that has a long history and many […]

Wieliczka tours

Salt mine in Wieliczka is one of 15 Polish sites being on the UNESCO World Heritage List (it was inscribed in 1978). It’s an amazingly beautiful underground maze of chambers and corridors made of salt. Most visitors think of Wieliczka tours as a side trips from Krakow. It’s a very convenient idea, especially for those, […]