Krakow nightlife for everyone

When visiting a new city, many people are interested in getting to know the city both during the day and at night, as the vibes are completely different. Is the Krakow nightlife interesting?

How to spend active stag party at Krakow?

Krakow is a city that all people who like to travel and seekers of good events associate well. The former capital of Poland is known for many reasons all over the world, but undoubtedly one of them is the fact that you can spend your time there in a very active and interesting way. For […]

Zakopane tours – the best things to see

While visiting Poland, every foreigner is trying to think of the best list of places to see. Luckily, when in Tatra, the choice is really simple: everyone should visit Zakopane at least once. Why? Beautiful sights The town is located near Tatra mountains and in many hotels, it is visible: the best rooms have a […]

Great Parks at Zatorland

Zatorland is a huge complex of amusement parks located near Kraków. It can be a great one-day trip destiny, while visiting this town and an amazing place for a whole family. Theme parks will surely interest children and adults. What can be seen there? Park of Mythology It’s a place, where – during a water […]

What should I visit while going to Warsaw?

Warsaw is one of the largest cities in Eastern Europe. The capital of Poland has a very rich but tragic history. Moreover, the city is very interesting and has many wonderful places. What to visit when visiting Warsaw?

Interested in vodka history? Check out this museum.

Vodka lovers from around the world should definitely visit the museum located on Praga in Warsaw one day. It’s a one of a kind place, where you can not only sample the best Polish alcohol made from different ingredients, but also learn about the making process and many interesting traditions.

Two kinds of baths that will make a stay in Krakow unforgettable

Who doesn’t love a good soak in warm, inviting water, in the privacy of their own house? But for the tourists and curious adventurers, there are also some other kinds of baths they can make use of during a holiday trip. One is a metaphorical one – a Japanese practice of forest bathing for the […]

What can you see while visiting Warsaw?

Visit in polish capital can be extraordinary experience. Many things to do and places to see makes it really hard to decide, which locations should you check out now, and which will have to wait for the next trip. Warsaw Vodka Museum is definitely in the first category. Why? Unusual exhibitions of vodka making Have […]

The mystic underground museum krakow!

The centuries-old history of Krakow recorded in the archaeological layers of the Market Square has many fascinating themes! The kings and princes who lived here once decided the fate of one of the most powerful countries of medieval Europe, and the merchants successfully conducted their businesses. See how you once lived in Krakow and walk […]