The best Krakow gun range

A bachelor party is the last pre-wedding outing with friends for a joint party. Most often it is an event organized by the groom’s witness and the groom’s colleagues. Where can we do such a bachelor party? What should we remember in this case?

The most interesting bars in Krakow

It very often happens that, especially in the summer season, Krakow is a city that does not go to sleep. Although it sounds very unbelievable, it is in the former capital of Poland, especially in summer, that a lot of cultural events take place. However, we should not forget that more and more people decide […]

Pub crawl Krakow – find new friends

Being new in the town might make one feel quite lonely. Fortunately, in Krakow there are activities, that allows to find friends, no matter how old the person is. Among them, there is a pub crawl Krakow, which is a great opportunity to accomodate in the city.

Krakow stag do – for a group of friends

The bachelor’s party is an event, which should be remembered by both the groom and all his guests. But to make it a night to remember, one should consider types of activities, that will be interesting for all the men. What are the best idead for Krakow stag do?

Krakow nightlife for everyone

When visiting a new city, many people are interested in getting to know the city both during the day and at night, as the vibes are completely different. Is the Krakow nightlife interesting?

How to spend active stag party at Krakow?

Krakow is a city that all people who like to travel and seekers of good events associate well. The former capital of Poland is known for many reasons all over the world, but undoubtedly one of them is the fact that you can spend your time there in a very active and interesting way. For […]

Zakopane tours – the best things to see

While visiting Poland, every foreigner is trying to think of the best list of places to see. Luckily, when in Tatra, the choice is really simple: everyone should visit Zakopane at least once. Why? Beautiful sights The town is located near Tatra mountains and in many hotels, it is visible: the best rooms have a […]

Great Parks at Zatorland

Zatorland is a huge complex of amusement parks located near Krak√≥w. It can be a great one-day trip destiny, while visiting this town and an amazing place for a whole family. Theme parks will surely interest children and adults. What can be seen there? Park of Mythology It’s a place, where – during a water […]

What should I visit while going to Warsaw?

Warsaw is one of the largest cities in Eastern Europe. The capital of Poland has a very rich but tragic history. Moreover, the city is very interesting and has many wonderful places. What to visit when visiting Warsaw?