If we want to go on a day trip to a beautiful place, a great solution is Ojcowski National Park, where you can spend interesting and active time with family and friends. So it is good to know how to get to such a park and what you can see there, and in what season it is best to go there.

How to get to Ojców National Park and what you can see there?

Access to the park itself is well marked, so there will be no problem with finding your way there, even if you come from outside Krakow. What’s important is that the car park itself, which is located in front of the park, can also be reached by bus and public transport, or a special coach, which will bring us to the place and take us back. This gives us a huge choice of travel options, which is extremely convenient. The car park is located right in front of the entrance to the park, which means that you won’t have far to walk back to your car or bus. Please note that the parking fee varies depending on whether you arrive by car, motorbike or coach. Once you are there, you should definitely visit Łokietek’s Cave, Ciemna Cave and Ojcow Castle. It is also worth visiting the natural history exhibition, which is open practically all week long. Due to the fact that there are so many attractions, you can spend time with your family in an interesting and active way, and even the youngest will have plenty of fun and entertainment.

ojcow national park

When is the best time to visit Ojców National Park?

The best time to visit Ojców National Park is in spring and summer or autumn. Thanks to this you can safely enter all the caves, which are open to tourists. Additionally, in spring or summer you can admire the beautiful nature, which you pass on your way in the park. It is also worth remembering that both in spring and in summer the days are longer, which makes it possible to visit the park until late afternoon hours.

The Ojcow National Park is a great place to spend a family weekend here, as even the youngest will have plenty of attractions prepared for them.