Say hello to the mysterious world of Polish vodka, where the beauty of tradition and the artistry of production meet in harmony. Welcome to the Museum of Polish Vodka in Krakow – a place where time stands still and Poland’s culture and heritage are revived in a glass. Discover the extraordinary history and versatility of this noble drink, inspire your senses and indulge in a unique adventure, the essence of which lies in a drop of the golden elixir.

About Museum

Enter the magical world of the Museum of Polish Vodka in the heart of the royal city, where the past merges with the present. The tenement that hosts it is a unique place that pays homage to the beautiful and rich heritage of Polish vodka. Here the story of the national elixir takes on a life of its own, revealing the centuries-old history of production and the developing culture around this iconic drink.

Here you’ll find a magnificent collection of exhibits that take a closer look at the vodka-making process, starting with traditional distillation methods, through the selection of the right raw materials, to the aging techniques that add to the beverage’s unique character. The history of vodka is intertwined here with the history of Poland, showing how the liquor has become part of its soul and an important cultural element.

Why visit the Museum of Polish Vodka in Krakow

The Museum of Polish Vodka in Krakow ( is not only a great history lesson, but also a space full of inspiring attractions. Get ready for an interactive experience that will allow you to learn about vodka in a whole new way. Try your hand as a distiller, composing your own flavors and discovering the secrets of the art of making this drink. Be inspired by the passion of Polish master distillers who have given their hearts to this noble art.

For art lovers, there are also fascinating exhibitions that deftly combine the culture of vodka with the creativity of contemporary artists. This is a place where art and tradition intertwine in harmony, paying homage to the creative potential of this iconic drink.

The museum also does not forget about the practical aspects of tasting. During the workshop you will learn how to appreciate the differences between different kinds of vodkas, what glassware to use for tasting, and how to draw the fullness of flavors and aromas. This is a unique opportunity to become a true connoisseur among your friends!


Discover the secret corners of the history and taste of Polish vodka at the Museum of Polish Vodka in Krakow. This is a unique place where tradition meets innovation, and the passion of Polish master distillers is combined with love of culture. We invite you to take a fascinating journey through the centuries and learn the deeper meaning of this national treasure.

It’s time to embark on an unforgettable trip to the world of Polish vodka, where every step reveals a piece of Poland’s history and heritage. Are you ready for this unique experience for your senses? The Museum of Polish Vodka in Krakow cordially invites you! Enrich your visit with a moment of reflection and fun surrounded by this iconic drink. Together, let’s discover how the beauty of Poland lies in a glass. Cheers!