Have you ever wondered, how did even the first bottle of vodka came into being? In Warsaw Vodka Museum you can learn not only that, but also many more interesting facts about this alcohol. Is it a place worth visiting?

Vodka museum in an old factory

The whole museum is placed in Praga Koneser Centre, located in Praga district. The whole comples in the midwar times was a ver successful vodka factory, which created the best Polish beverages: i.e. Wyborowa. When the factory was closed, many thought that the building will just be forgotten and fall into despair.

Meanwhile, the place interested, among others, the museum creators. They restored some of the buildings inside and adapted them into place definitely worth at least one visit. Inside, on classic and interactive exhibitions, you can find out how did the vodka brewing process look like many centuries ago, why and how did it change and what materials can be used to prepare vodka (did you know, that there is even the alcohol made from potatoes?!). During your visit in the museum, you will also find out bout many interesting, Polish traditions with drinking vodka: as this drink is as important to Poles as whiskey to Scots.

Different languages, high knowledge

The tours are also prepared for people, who doesn’t know Polish language: English guides take their routes on a daily basis,while other languages (i.e. German or Spanish) can be arranged with a couple’s days notice. Also, if you are interested in an exclusive tour only with your friends – museum’s staff can also arrange such a sightseeing for a group of at least 10.

At the end of the exhibition, all the visitors get a chance to try different types of Polish vodka, served by experienced museum worker. While you will try how does the vodka taste – the employee will gladly answer all your questions about the things you’ve seen during your trip. If you’re interested in buying any sort of gift or souvenir, that is also possible at the gift shop near the entrance to the museum.

More information about museum you can find here.