The bachelor’s party is an event, which should be remembered by both the groom and all his guests. But to make it a night to remember, one should consider types of activities, that will be interesting for all the men. What are the best idead for Krakow stag do?

Party all night long!

It’s probably one of the easiest ideas: the whole team attending the bachelor’s party should simply go for a party in the Krakow center. There are many clubs and other kind of places, where they can drink, dance, talk and even eat all night long.

Male activities

Whole night parties aren’t for everyone. If it seems that the groom and his guests aren’t exactly the party animal type of people – there are many more activities, that can be arranged in Krakow, depending on their interests.

Among all the options, there is shooting, riding quad bikes, paintball and many more, that might be a great idea to celebrate the last day of bachelor life of the groom.

Krakow stag do

Why Krakow?

Many people tend to go to Krakow for all kind of events even if they don’t live there. The reason of that is pretty simple: it’s one of the prettiest places in Poland, so the journey can be both a Krakow stag do and a field trip. It might be a good idea to book some hotel rooms for all the bachelor’s party members for a night or two and make the stag do a whole weekend. No matter the activities, this extended party will be definitely remembered for a long time! You can read more about attractions in Krakow at