When visiting a new city, many people are interested in getting to know the city both during the day and at night, as the vibes are completely different. Is the Krakow nightlife interesting?

Beautiful during the day, wild at night

Krakow is a city, which has an amazing architecture. It’s definitely worth seeing in the daylight. But what is more, it has also a great night life, which should be experienced by every party lover. Many clubs, great atmosphere and a lost of people who want to have great time together – that’s the nightlife of Krakow.

Where to look for parties?

Krakow is a pretty big city, so it’s important to know, where to go at night. Obviously, one of the most crowded places both during the day and at night is The Main Market Square. Many clubs and location with good public transport – that’s how this place can be described.

Of course, that’s not the only place in Krakow, where nightlife can be found. However, for people out of town, it seems to be the best choice, as it’s easy to get there, many public transport machines run there and it’s also easy to catch a bus.

Krakow nightlife

Wild parties for everyone

Krakow nightlife is also fueled by students, which makes it even more interesting. There can be met a variety of people at different age, which means even if one comes to party alone – they are likely to find an interesting company.

Krakow’s life at night is something that should be experienced by every fan of partying, no matter the age, gender or interests. It will be a night to remember!