Vodka lovers from around the world should definitely visit the museum located on Praga in Warsaw one day. It’s a one of a kind place, where you can not only sample the best Polish alcohol made from different ingredients, but also learn about the making process and many interesting traditions.

Why is it so important?

Vodka is an alcohol, which accompanies Poles on many different occasions: birthday parties, weddings and many, many more social meetings. Usually, they drink it without additions, but it is possible to prepare drinks using vodka.

The Warsaw Vodka Museum is a place, where you can learn about history of making this alcohol. It’s hard to believe, that it goes back 500 years! If you are interested, how the process had changed over the years and how did it even happen that someone started preparing it – you should definitely check out the museum.

What is really important is that this place is open for people from around the world. If you speak fluent English, you can visit it any day you want without notification: just buy a ticket and explore the unique history of this alcohol! On the other hand, the museum is also prepared for visits from people using other languages – and if you contact them earlier, they organize a guide tour with person, who can speak the needed language. However, in this case – you need to know at least a couple of days earlier, when do you want to go to the museum.

Sampling of the alcohol

If the fact, that you can learn how vodka is made, what ingredients are needed, the most common polish traditions with this alcohol doesn’t convince you to visit this place – please be aware, that the ticket covers also vodka sampling!

After you will find out everything about this alcohol during the tour, at the end you can taste vodka made out of potatoes, wheat and other ingredients. Experienced bartenders will answer your questions and explain you the differences in flavor.

Please be aware, that the museum can be visited only by adults: children are not allowed inside.