Zatorland is a huge complex of amusement parks located near Kraków. It can be a great one-day trip destiny, while visiting this town and an amazing place for a whole family. Theme parks will surely interest children and adults. What can be seen there?

Park of Mythology

It’s a place, where – during a water trip in a small boat – participants can see many mythological creatures. It’s the only place in Poland and probably the only one as big as this park in this part of Europe. The exhibition will probably charm both children and their parents and the possibility to sail on a boat will be great fun for all of them.

All kinds of dinosaurs

Dinosaurs died out thousands of years ago, but still – they can be seen at the Park of Dinosaurs at Zatorland. Not only can they be seen, but also heard and due to the use of the most modern technologies – their movement is visible for visitors. This kind of attraction will make happy not only those children, who are interested in those prehistoric creatures, but also – their parents and siblings.


This is place, where the youngest visitors can have great fun, while their parents spend time in their own company… or join the group of fun at all park attractions! It will be the perfect culmination of the whole trip. All types of carousels, raffles, slides and all different types of intriguing attractions will keep children busy for a long time.