The best attraction in Poland

Poland is a very beautiful country where you can find many different monuments. It happens more and more often that many people come to this country also from abroad. So what is worth visiting in Poland?

The best attractions in Poland

Certainly, being in Poland, it is worth visiting every corner of this country. It is a very beautiful country where you can find a lot of diverse monuments and certainly even the most demanding tourist will find something for themselves.

For people who love water and sand, a trip to the Polish sea will certainly be a great solution. In particular, in the holiday season you can find very good weather and even a few days is enough to return from such a holiday with a beautiful tan. By the sea in Poland you can find large cities with the most popular resorts. However, one should not forget that for people seeking a little more peace, there will also be small villages where there are not many tourists.

In turn, if you love mountains, you should go to the south of the country. It is there that you find a wide mountain range, the highest of which is certainly the Tatras. Every year many tourists come there because one of the highest, and certainly the most picturesque peaks, Kasprowy Wierch, can be reached by train.

It is also worth visiting the capital of Poland, Warsaw. It is also here that there are many monuments, as well as numerous museums. Vodka Museum Warsaw, among others, is very popular. In the vodka museum in Warsaw you can find many interesting exhibits, thanks to which we will learn a little more about this popular drink.

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How to spend few days in Warsaw?

Poland is a very beautiful country, which is visited by many tourists every year. In the largest cities around the country you can hear really diverse languages ​​of the world. Definitely many people come to Poland on business matters. However, from year to year you can also meet more and more tourists. So why is Poland so attractive to foreigners?

Poland is a very beautiful country

Indeed, every year more and more tourists visit Poland, because you can find a lot of attractive places here. We should remember that in the country there are not only many attractive monuments, but also modern museums, where many attractions will be found not only by adults, but also by young people.

Currently, many large cities located throughout the country primarily want to attract tourists, thereby deciding to modernize the museum. We will not find boring exhibits or slippers that everyone must wear before entering the exhibition. Currently, museums are very often subsidized by the European Union and thus there are, among others, interactive exhibitions, as well as many films and promotional materials, thanks to which you can remember the most important facts much faster. This is a very good solution, because thanks to it a much larger number of tourists visit such places, thus the revenues are also larger for such establishments. Thus, Poland is becoming a country very attractive to foreigners, in particular that in such museums you can also find information in many foreign languages. An example is vodka museum Warsaw – read this article to get more info. In the popular vodka museum Warsaw you can find attractive things that are written in different languages. Definitely a visit to such a museum will appeal to many adults.

Wieliczka tours

Salt mine in Wieliczka is one of 15 Polish sites being on the UNESCO World Heritage List (it was inscribed in 1978). It’s an amazingly beautiful underground maze of chambers and corridors made of salt.
Most visitors think of Wieliczka tours as a side trips from Krakow. It’s a very convenient idea, especially for those, who don’t have much time for deep exploration. The mine is located about 17 km from Krakow, the whole salt mine Krakow tour usually takes 4 hours, more or less.

Salt Mine Krakow

Salt mine legend

Founding of the mine in Wieliczka is the subject of a legend of Saint Kinga, the historical figure from the 13th century, who later became known as the patron of salt miners. The Hungarian princess got engaged to the Polish prince Bolesław V the Chaste. Leaving her native Hungary, the princess dropped her engagement ring into the salt mine shaft. After a huge royal wedding, Kinga’s ring was found in a block of salt near Krakow. Suprisingly enough (now sticking to the facts), the mine has been systematically expanded from the 13th century and it still works perfectly without any breaks.

Salt mine Krakow tours

Wieliczka is often seen as a mandatory destination while traveling Poland. On the internet you can find numerous organized Wieliczka tours. Several tour operators run group trips to the mine. If you want to take a trip on your own, these are our transport recommendations.
Minibuses to Wieliczka depart regularly from Krakow. You can take one every 10 minutes between 6 am and 8 pm. The bus stop is located in the northern end of Starowiślana street, next to the post office. The end off the bus route stands by the road leading up to the salt mine entrance. Trains between Krakow and Wieliczka leave every 45 minutes throughout the day (the journey takes about 15 minutes). Unfortunately, the train station in Wieliczka is over a kilometer from the mine.
To avoid the enermously long queues in Wieliczka salt mine, especially during the season, you are strongly advised to buy your ticket in advance via internet.

Popular sights in Wien

Wien is a very beautiful city, which is situated in the north of Austria. At the same time it is the largest city in the country and is also the capital of Austria. Every year this place is visited by a lot of tourists. So if we decide to take a trip to Wien, what should we visit?

If we are in Wien, it is primarily to explore popular sights. A place that is visited by most tourists mainly Schonbrunn Palace. Once the summer residence of the emperor, lived in the popular Princess Sisi. Palaces in Wien are very beautiful, which is why so many people visting the Belvedere, as well as the Augarten Palace, and Kinsky Palace. In Wien, we find the beautiful cathedral, as well as historic churches. We can not forget also about the fact that during the Christmas holidays, it was in Wien hosts many Christmas markets. To this city every year comes a lot of tourists. For this reason, if we want to find cheap accommodation, we should reserve it in advance. A great idea is a bed in the hostel. Hostel Wien is very popular and, above all, attractive and cheap.

If we decided to take a trip to Wien, we should first of all take care in advance of the night. Booking any accommodation in advance is very important, because this city is visited every year a lot of tourists and sometimes it can happen that we will not find free accommodation.

Cheap accommodation in Salzburg

More and more people are choosing to travel far. Today, communication is greatly facilitated because of this in the short time we can visit many places. Popular city among tourists is Salzburg. More and more people want to visit the place and meet numerous monuments. Therefore, why go there?

Salzburg is a very beautiful city, which primarily attracts many tourists with numerous monuments. Monuments are very beautiful, we should know that some of them can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List, such as, for example, the historic center. In Salzburg we find many religious objects. These include historic churches and the cathedral. Tourists can also visit the beautiful palaces.

However, it is worth remembering that at the Salzburg sightseeing in one day we will not be enough. If we want to get to know the city, we need to reserve more free time and try to get accommodation. Accommodation in Salzburg is very diversed. We can certainly find a place in a luxury hotel. However, if we do not want to pay too much per night, it is worth to stay in popular hostel. Hostels in Salzburg are even in the center, so certainly it is easy to find.

Salzburg is a very interesting city, which is visited every year a lot of people. For this reason, if we go there on vacation, we should pay before bed. Keep in mind that hostels in Salzburg are very cheap and it was there that stops most tourists. So if we want to save some money, we should take advantage of this form of accommodation.

Attractive monuments in Venice

Venice is a very beautiful city, which is located in the north of Italy. Every year this place is visited by a lot of tourists. So if we decide to spend our vacation in Venice, what should we see?

Venice is often called the wonder of the world. It is a city everyone should at least once in your life to see. We should know that Venice was built on water. In this city we will find a lot of interesting sights. The most popular place in Venice is certainly the square of St. Mark. Also very popular are sights such as St. Peter’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs. It is worth remembering that in the center of Venice we can also find many shops major Italian fashion designers. It has just come to this city many world-famous celebrities, to buy fashionable clothes.

It is worth remembering that tourists come to Venice regardless of the season. Both in the summer as well as winter, we can meet there many tourists. For this reason, we often have a problem with accommodation. If we want to find cheap accommodation, we should take advantage of the hostel. Hostels in Venice are very cheap, we can be found in virtually every corner of the city. But in order to be guaranteed a good price in a hostel in Venice, we should be pre-booked.

If we decided to spend your free time in Italy, we should first of all to visit Venice. It is a very beautiful city, which is located in the north of Italy. Venice is also called the city of lovers often. So if we are planning a romantic trip, we should just go there.

The best accommodation in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city that is the capital of the Czech Republic and at the same time it is the largest city in the country. It is situated on the river Vltava in western Bohemia. Every year is visited by a lot of people. So what is worth seeing in Prague?

Keep in mind that Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic, for this reason, if we decided to explore the city, we should reserve a few days off. Unfortunately, one day we will not be enough to see all the sights and places of interest in the largest city in the Czech Republic.

So if we have already made a decision that we will be in Prague a few days, we must also think about the accommodation. Certainly in any luxury hotel in Prague, we can find peace, but it must be remembered that such accommodation costs a lot. For this reason, if we want to save a larger amount of money and spend it for example in shopping for souvenirs in Prague, we should choose to stay in a hostel. Hostels in Prague are also very attractive and have a high standard. It is worth noting that they are mainly cheap.

Prague as the capital of the Czech Republic is increasingly visited by many tourists. It is a very beautiful city, which is located in the western part of this small country. If someday we will have more free time or when we decide to go abroad, we should come to Prague. However, in the summer season it is worth to take care of our accommodation in the largest city in the Czech Republic.