What is jewish quarter in Krakow?

Kazimierz was once an independent city on the island, separated from Krakow by the now non-existent arm of the Vistula. It was here that the Jewish population settled, and actually here it was resettled from the city center and the place where Jewish and Christian culture merged and coexisted.

The most popular district of Krakow – jewish quarter Krakow

Today Krakow’s Kazimierz is one of the city’s major tourist attractions, eagerly visited by both guests from abroad and from other parts of Poland.

Neglected townhouses, uninteresting company, abandoned, neglected corners. This is how Krakow Kazimierz was associated even in the 90s. Today, similarly to the rest, such as the Roman Trastevere or Prague Josefov, the district is experiencing a kind of renaissance and got a second chance. Nightlife is concentrated here, there are plenty of trendy pubs, restaurants, galleries, and world-famous festivals are organized, such as the Jewish Culture Festival on Szeroka Street and other cultural events.

jewish quarter krakow

Kazimierz also has monuments, mainly those related to the Jewish population, such as synagogues. The oldest synagogue, as the name suggests, is the Old Synagogue from the 15th century, today there is a branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków with Judaic collections. Noteworthy are also Jewish cemeteries and the former ritual bathhouse located at Szeroka Street, the Great Mykwa, today thoroughly restored. In addition, following the tourist trail leading through Jewish monuments, we come across the Tempel Synagogue, Kupa Synagogue, at which we will also see the remains of the defensive walls of Kazimierz and the New Jewish Cemetery.

Kazimierz is also narrow, atmospheric streets, nicely decorated squares, where in the summer evenings a lot of people sit in restaurant gardens, listening to nostalgic Jewish music, tables and shops. It is worth visiting this popular jewish quarter in Krakow.

Interesting places to visit in Warsaw

If you want to spend a few days in an interesting place, it is definitely worth pointing your interest towards Warsaw. It is the largest Polish city, which is also the capital of this country. Warsaw offers many interesting places and monuments. The number of things that you can do and see in Warsaw is almost endless …

How to spend a few days?

If you are looking for strong experiences it is worth going to one of the Warsaw events in the evening. Clubs that can be found in Warsaw are one of the best in the whole country. Events last there until dawn and you can have fun almost every day.

If you want to see some interesting places during the day, visit Vodka Museum Warsaw – https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g274856-d14183537-Reviews-Muzeum_Polskiej_Wodki-Warsaw_Mazovia_Province_Central_Poland.html. Vodka is a drink particularly popular in Poland, therefore it is not surprising that this museum is located.

If you want to learn something interesting, it’s worth visiting the Royal Castle and the Royal Łazienki. These are places with a special place in the history of Poland.

Many sporting events take place at the National Stadium in Warsaw. You can see there a football match of the Polish national team or another sports happening. There are also numerous concerts at the stadium.

In summary, Warsaw is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. If you have several days off, it is worth taking this course. Places like Vodka Museum Warsaw are characterized by special uniqueness. Warsaw clubs are full of positively crazy people, and the monuments in this city are very interesting and well preserved. In a word, Warsaw is a city that is really worth visiting!

Best things to do in Krakow

Forget Prague, Budapest and Wroclaw – Krakow, Poland’s fourth largest city, should be your next city break in eastern Europe. It’s less crowded, quite the looker and great-value to boot. Here are the top things to do during a visit.

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The best Cracow city guided tours

Traveling is a very good way to spend our free time. More and more countries are opening up to travelers, thus offering many new attractions. So what cities are worth visiting?

If we choose a city that we want to visit, it is worth to find a place that has a long history and many monuments. Thanks to this, we can learn many things in a very short time. Cracow has become a very fashionable destination among tourists recently.

The former capital of Poland is often chosen not only by Polish tourists, but in particular by tourists from abroad. In Cracow, we find many monuments that have been preserved in excellent condition and, above all, have not been damaged during the Second World War. Many of them are on the main square, including the St. Mary’s Church, cloth hall and the underground.

cracow city guided tours
Cracow city guided tours

However, being in Cracow it is worth visiting the royal castle. If we want to visit this city with a guide, we should decide on the Cracow city guided tour. Such a trip does not cost too much, and certainly thanks to it we will get to know quickly the biggest monuments of this city.

When looking for a way to relax, we should choose to travel. Getting to know new countries, especially a new culture and monuments, we can spend our free time very interesting. However, if we do not have too much free time, it is worth choosing intensive trips. Especially in large cities, a quick guided tour of the city is very popular. Depending on the program of such a trip, the city can be visited in a few hours. For example, such Cracow city guided tours are willingly chosen, in particular, by foreign tourists.

Popular Auschwitz tours

Cracow is a very beautiful city, where many tourists come every year. In this city we can find many interesting monuments. However, we should remember that the vicinity of Cracow is also worth seeing. So what one-day trips is worth paying attention to?

auschwitz tourBeing in Cracow and looking for one-day trips, it is worth paying attention to the Auschwitz tour. Such Auschwitz tour are more and more often chosen for tourists, because it is a trip to the place of extermination of humanity that took place during World War II.

Directly from Cracow, we can decide on such Auschwitz tour – https://www.seekrakow.com/en/auschwitz-birkenau/ , and access to Oświęcim, where there is a former concentration camp, will not take too long. It is worth knowing that during Auschwitz tours we have the opportunity to visit the former concentration camp with a guide. Such a guide often speaks in different foreign languages, so that every tourist will not have problems with understanding.

In addition, Auschwitz tours are not just a guided tour. Tours in Auschwizt is also a tour of the museum located in the building. During such a tour in Auschwitz, we can see pictures of prisoners in the camp, as well as their personal belongings, among others. If we decide to take longer tours in Auschwitz, a documentary will also be screened. The aforementioned tours in Auschwitz is a meeting that everyone should have at least once in their lives to see for themselves what was the destruction of humanity and to pay homage to the murdered people.

Excellent hostels in Poland

Będzin is one of the most interesting cities in the province of Silesia and an important point for those who want to discover the beauty and richness of the Dąbrowa Basin. Będzin is an interesting tour and for those who love history and for those who appreciate beautiful views. What attractions are worth paying attention to when visiting this place?

Będzin is one of those urban centers that can charm us today with their urban layout. It reminds that Będzin is one of the oldest cities within the limits of today’s Silesia. Already in the ninth century there was a fortified settlement here, around which a large urban center developed over time. His previous assumption reminds us of, among others. remains of the former city walls. From the fourteenth century Będzin can boast of city rights and a stone stronghold, which in the times of Casimir the Great was erected on the local hill. Today, the castle is a symbol of Bedzin, one of its most important tourist attractions and the seat of a museum branch, very important for the inhabitants of Zagłębie.

Będziński Castle, known today as the headquarters of the Zagłębie Museum, is a valuable monument and attraction, which you can not pass by indifferently. Commonly associated with the reign of Casimir the Great, in fact, can boast a history dating back to the thirteenth century. Why is this place worth visiting? Because in the castle walls awaits for us a unique collection of weapons and monuments related to the history of the city, and the castle tower is a sensational observation point.

When deciding to visit this city, it is worth taking care of accommodation. Great idea are wonderful hostels in Poland. Such hostels i Poland are not expensive. They are willingly chosen because of the comfortable rooms.

Visiting Cracow part one: Salt Mine

The historic Salt Mine in Wieliczka is the only mining facility in the world that has been open all the time from the Middle Ages to the present. Its original excavations (numerous sidewalks, ramps, service chambers, lakes, shafts and panes) with a total length of about 300 km are situated on 9 levels, reaching up to a depth of 327 meters, illustrating all stages of mining technology development in particular historical periods.

On September 8, 1978, Salt Mine Krakow was entered into the first list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO, among the first 12 objects from around the world. Indeed, the history of Wieliczka, dating back to the Middle Ages, is a mirror of the development of mining techniques, the shaping of work organization and management, the formation of legal regulations in industry.

During the tour in salt mine in Krakow, you can walk a two-kilometer underground route. The whole trip takes about 4-5 hours, of which 2 hours it takes a tour of the mine (more informations at:http://www.seekrakow.com/en/old-town-walking-tour/). In the mine there is the possibility of taking photos, but it requires the purchase of a special permit available at the entrance to the chapel of St. Kinga. There is no lunch break during the trip. When buying a student ticket (available only to persons under 25 years of age), you must remember about having a student ID. After returning to Krakow, the journey to the point from which the journey began.