Zakopane tours – the best things to see

While visiting Poland, every foreigner is trying to think of the best list of places to see. Luckily, when in Tatra, the choice is really simple: everyone should visit Zakopane at least once. Why?

Beautiful sights

The town is located near Tatra mountains and in many hotels, it is visible: the best rooms have a beautiful view of them. Every lover of hiking should visit the mountains as well: wild nature is really breathtaking and satisfaction after reaching the peak – worth the effort. Those, who are less experienced in climbing mountains, should choose Zakopane tours with professional guide. He will be able to show all the beautiful places in town and tell many interesting stories.

Kindest people

Zakopane is well known not only for its beauty, but also for kindness and hospitality of inabitants. If visitors stay at hotel or motel run by one of them – it is sure, that they will have the best time possible. Also – the food is something to die for. It is highly recommended to try at least some of the national foods. And it’s impossible to forget about oscypek!


Old houses in Zakopane are truly a view. What is more, those who are interested in seeing how did they look inside – can visit a small museum of the city. Great fun and a huge load of knowledge about this city is guaranteed. Literature lovers should definitely visit Kornel Makuszyński’s museum located on Krupówki – the most famous street in whole Zakopane.

Great Parks at Zatorland

Zatorland is a huge complex of amusement parks located near Kraków. It can be a great one-day trip destiny, while visiting this town and an amazing place for a whole family. Theme parks will surely interest children and adults. What can be seen there?

Park of Mythology

It’s a place, where – during a water trip in a small boat – participants can see many mythological creatures. It’s the only place in Poland and probably the only one as big as this park in this part of Europe. The exhibition will probably charm both children and their parents and the possibility to sail on a boat will be great fun for all of them.

All kinds of dinosaurs

Dinosaurs died out thousands of years ago, but still – they can be seen at the Park of Dinosaurs at Zatorland. Not only can they be seen, but also heard and due to the use of the most modern technologies – their movement is visible for visitors. This kind of attraction will make happy not only those children, who are interested in those prehistoric creatures, but also – their parents and siblings.


This is place, where the youngest visitors can have great fun, while their parents spend time in their own company… or join the group of fun at all park attractions! It will be the perfect culmination of the whole trip. All types of carousels, raffles, slides and all different types of intriguing attractions will keep children busy for a long time.

Two kinds of baths that will make a stay in Krakow unforgettable

Who doesn’t love a good soak in warm, inviting water, in the privacy of their own house? But for the tourists and curious adventurers, there are also some other kinds of baths they can make use of during a holiday trip. One is a metaphorical one – a Japanese practice of forest bathing for the soul and body, while the other looks like utter bliss in the clouds of warm steam. All of these in Krakow, the city that tempts to try something new!

Heavenly relaxation in thermal baths

There comes a time when everyone longs for the deep, immersive feeling of the whole-body relaxation – even during the holidays. The stresses that people carry with them nowadays unfortunately don’t stay at home, threatening their well-being even in the midst of visiting new, exciting places.

Krakow has an ideal answer – a high-class thermal baths Krakow, where hot steam and crystal-clear water will rejuvenate body and mind of every weary tourist. Even the short visit there leads to the luxurious feeling of all the worries floating away, leaving only peace and wellness in place.

Forest bathing in the city? Only in Krakow!

When a person emerges refreshed from the thermal baths Krakow gladly shows them its greener, more natural face. The city has recently gained a bit of uncertain reputation when it comes to the quality of air.

Nonetheless, new regulations in this area are quickly moving the issue out of the danger zone, and the green pathes on the city map are actively helping. Some of these places are much more than a simple city park, being inhabited by the rare and endangered species of reptiles, birds and butterflies. The locations such as Lasek Borkowski or Rezerwat Bonarka will enthrall every Nature lover!

What can you see while visiting Warsaw?

Visit in polish capital can be extraordinary experience. Many things to do and places to see makes it really hard to decide, which locations should you check out now, and which will have to wait for the next trip. Warsaw Vodka Museum is definitely in the first category. Why?

Unusual exhibitions of vodka making

Have you ever wondered, how was this alcohol made centuries ago? As vodka is polish traditional bevarage, the technique of brewing it evaluated over the years. If you would like to see with your own eyes, how it was made aroung six hundred years ago, check out the museum.

Fans of vodka will also be happy to hear, that there is a chance to try the best polish alcohols during the visit. However, beware that subject of all exhibitions in the museum isn’t appropriate for children – thus, the visitors must be 18 years or older.

What languages are covered?

Many people from around the world visit the museum yearly, so there are trips in both polish and English on a daily basis. If you’d like to see the exhibitions with guide using another language, contact the museum. There is a possibility for a tour in German, Spanish and a couple of other languages, but you need to inform the museum a few days prior.

Also, if you’re visiting with a group of at least eight adult friends, you can make an appointment for an unique, night sightseeing. There are many exhibitions, both traditional and interactive, which will tell you what is used to prepare vodka and how it’s brewed now – and how it was done years ago.

The mystic underground museum krakow!

The centuries-old history of Krakow recorded in the archaeological layers of the Market Square has many fascinating themes! The kings and princes who lived here once decided the fate of one of the most powerful countries of medieval Europe, and the merchants successfully conducted their businesses. See how you once lived in Krakow and walk the same land that Copernicus walked!

There are many secrets hidden in the underground of the market. Archaeological research conducted for over 5 years has become the nucleus for creating an object that today surprises with its form and content prepared for visitors. It is a journey in time, both into the past and the future, which is marked by the presentation of historical content based on multimedia-holographic tools. Thanks to the solutions applied, every visitor can feel the atmosphere of 13th-century Krakow on their own skin.

The underground museum krakow is about 500 multimedia projections presented on 37 touch screens and projectors, about 600 3D reconstructions, as well as many films, dummies and mockups. All these attractions tell the history of the city, as well as its relations with Hanseatic League and other cultural centers in contemporary Europe. However, this is not all … The museum’s surface is so extensive that it allowed many interesting reconstructions to be placed, such as a cemetery from the 11th century or a pre-dinner settlement, as well as many finds found underground museum in krakow, such as the Bolesławów Stalls. We don’t want to reveal more, discover the secret of the Krakow’s underground museum now!

Popular in Krakow Schindler’s factory

Recently, it happens more and more often that many people travel. This is not surprising, because it is a great way to spend our free time. Thanks to travel, both distant trips and the closer ones, we have the opportunity to learn a completely new culture, and often we can try a different cuisine. However, more and more often it happens that such trips cost a lot. So where is it worth going?

Weekend trips are becoming more and more popular

Definitely trips abroad can cost a lot. Therefore, if we want to start traveling and this is how we want to spend our free time, we should first of all make sure, for example, to visit the closest places of our residence in our home country.

Krakow is a very popular city that has many monuments and is visited very often regardless of the season. This is where we can find a lot of places where we can go alone or with our family. Of course, objects on the main square are very popular, as well as monuments on the Vistula River at the Royal Castle. However, more and more tourists often visit modern museums such as schindler’s factory tour. It was in Schindler factory during World War II that the owner of this factory saved many lives. He employed people of Jewish descent to work, so they could avoid being transported to concentration camps. Currently, there is a museum in this area. This is very important place, which we have to visit, during our trip to Krakow.