Venice is a very beautiful city, which is located in the north of Italy. Every year this place is visited by a lot of tourists. So if we decide to spend our vacation in Venice, what should we see?

Venice is often called the wonder of the world. It is a city everyone should at least once in your life to see. We should know that Venice was built on water. In this city we will find a lot of interesting sights. The most popular place in Venice is certainly the square of St. Mark. Also very popular are sights such as St. Peter’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs. It is worth remembering that in the center of Venice we can also find many shops major Italian fashion designers. It has just come to this city many world-famous celebrities, to buy fashionable clothes.

It is worth remembering that tourists come to Venice regardless of the season. Both in the summer as well as winter, we can meet there many tourists. For this reason, we often have a problem with accommodation. If we want to find cheap accommodation, we should take advantage of the hostel. Hostels in Venice are very cheap, we can be found in virtually every corner of the city. But in order to be guaranteed a good price in a hostel in Venice, we should be pre-booked.

If we decided to spend your free time in Italy, we should first of all to visit Venice. It is a very beautiful city, which is located in the north of Italy. Venice is also called the city of lovers often. So if we are planning a romantic trip, we should just go there.