Popular Krakow city tours

Visiting popular cities around the world is one of the favorite activities of many tourists. Tourists are most often attracted by historical attractions, but also places where you can have a good time. One of the most popular places to visit is Krakow. The Polish city seduces with its history and beautiful. What can you visit in the city?

Krakow, a city full of attractions

In this amazing city, you can visit many interesting things. For this reason, Krakow city tours have become very popular, especially when tourists do not have much time to explore. In this way you can get to know many interesting places that are not lacking in Krakow.

What to see in Krakow

Krakow has many interesting monuments. The most popular of them is the Wawel Castle. It is a powerful fortress located on the Vistula. It arouses a great impression mainly due to its power. Going deep into the Old Town, we reach the market square. On it, you can find St. Mary’s Church and the Cloth Hall. These are one of the most popular attractions in Krakow. On the market you can find many people offering tours through Krakow city to quickly explore as many Krakow attractions as possible. Going even further you can reach the Jewish quarter – Kazimierz. People who want to learn about Jewish culture will have a great opportunity to do so. This district is full of interesting places associated with this culture, in addition, you can enjoy extremely exquisite Jewish cuisine in one of the many restaurants. People interested in learning about Jewish beliefs can join one of the synagogues.

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Popular capital in Poland

Currently, more and more people are traveling on the weekend. We should remember that, despite appearances, although the weekend is two days off, it may not be enough if we want to visit, for example, the most important monuments in the city. So how can we make an accurate plan? What is worth remembering in this case?

Warsaw is a very popular destination

The weekend in Warsaw is certainly too short to see all the interesting places in the capital. That is why it is worth focusing mainly on the Royal Route and the Old Town, but not only. First of all, if we have little time and want to visit a lot of luxury, it is worth making a good plan.

It is worth knowing that the Old Town stretches between the castle square and the barbican, which is surrounded by the remains of defensive walls erected from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century. In the eleventh century, a stronghold founded by Bolesław II Mazowiecki was built in this place. Due to the convenient location on the trade route leading from the Baltic to the Black Sea, the castle developed dynamically. Over time, the wooden buildings gave way to a stone one. However, the greatest period of splendor the city experienced right after King Zygmunt III Waza moved the capital to Warsaw at the end of the 16th century. This place is very attractive among many tourists.

In 1944, during World War II, the Old Town was destroyed in 90 percent. The reconstruction work lasted for many years. As a result, the reconstruction of the Old Town was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1980.

In Warsaw, we will also find numerous museums. It is, inter alia, a modern vodka museum in Warsaw. If we want to know the very interesting history of this drink, which is very popular in Poland, it is definitely worth visiting vodka museum Warsaw – https://tymrazem.pl/en/polish-vodka-museum/

The best attraction for kids – Energylandia

Organizing free time for children during the holidays is very difficult. Certainly every parent who has ever tried to encourage their child to play independently knows this. So what to do if child needs entertainment during the summer? How to organize free time?

An amusement park is a great option

First of all, leisure time entertainment should be appropriate to the child’s age. This is very important, because only thanks to this the child will be fully satisfied with the leisure activities chosen by the parents. These days there are many possibilities, but many parents do not know what to decide on.

It is especially important in the summer, when the child is on vacation and a break from school duties, try to spend a little more time together. During the school year, such free time is often lacking, which is why holidays will be the best time in this case. In order for child to have nice holiday memories and thus spend them in a very attractive way, it is worth making a trip to the amusement park. Definitely the largest as well as the most modern amusement park in Poland is certainly Energylandia. More and more people travel entire families to Energylandia, because there family can find a lot of diverse attractions for people of all ages. Students and teenagers certainly feel great there. There are also many extreme attractions for adults. However, for preschool children there are also plenty of attractions, that they will certainly love. It is worth to decide on such a stay for at least one weekend during the holidays.